[EM] The poll is for advocates of other methods too

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 29 20:08:28 PDT 2001

IRV advocates didn't take part in the 1st poll, on polling topics, and
haven't been taking part in the discussion regarding the voting system
poll. Likewise Borda advocates.

Maybe they're boycotting the poll because they think they can't win.
But remember that even a method that can't win could get some pairwise
victories, or get a good position in the output ranking.

Besides, you can't tell how numerous you are unless you vote. What
if there's an overwhelming number of IRV or Borda advocates on EM, but they
all think they're the only one?

We don't want this poll to only represent the opinions of certain
factions. We'd like its electorate to be representative of the list

There's no reason to boycott the poll, so be sure to send in your
vote by May 3 at the latest. Don't post it, because this time we're
doing a concealed balloting. Send copies of your ballot to
me and to Rob LeGrand.

The ballot is in the archives, in the message from me whose subject
line is "Oops! Omitted Plurality, IRV, & Borda." (I don't know in what
order I listed them, though). The ballot was posted some time after
April 19, when someone pointed out that I'd forgotten to include
Plurality, IRV, & Borda on the ballot.

It also goes without saying that I urge anyone to vote who hasn't
voted. If you aren't indifferent between the proposals in the poll,
then it's in your interest to vote.

Mike Ossipoff

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