[EM] I re-voted, you can too.

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 29 19:49:55 PDT 2001

After I sent my ballot to Rob LG, I decided that it didn't really
express my preferences as well as it could, and so I sent a 2nd one,
and it was accepted as a replacement for my 1st one.

If I can do that, it wouldn't be fair if you couldn't. I should have
mentioned this before the balloting. Anyone can re-vote at any time
before the balloting deadline. If only because of the precedent of
someone (me) already having done so.

On a related subject: I'm sorry that I didn't post my Margins
strategy pushover examples before the balloting. I didn't think
I'd need them, and when the discussion showed that the examples would
be needed, the balloting had already begun. With discussion taking
place during the balloting, it's obviously important that people be
able to change their ballots anytime they want to, even more than once,
until the balloting deadline of March 3. The midnight that ends March 3
in California.

Mike Ossipoff

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