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Any clone proof method that starts out with ... "Lacking an undefeated
candidate, elect the ..."

For a simple, seamless clone proof, Condorcet Method that fails Smith my
favorite is
Gross Loser Elimination i.e. MinMinPS Elimination:

While two or more candidates remain, eliminate the one with the smallest
Min Pairwise Support.


On Sun, Sep 17, 2023, 3:40 AM Kristofer Munsterhjelm <km_elmet at t-online.de>

> On 9/17/23 10:25, Colin Champion wrote:
> > Michael - I don't think I understand everything you're saying. I was
> > referring to RP (margins), which I believe is the form in which Tideman
> > specified it, and I assumed that truncation was a mixture of laziness
> > and ignorance. (Actually the simulation I referred to assumed mandatory
> > truncation, which I think is common in the US.) I don't hold any brief
> > for RP; on the contrary I much prefer minimax (also margins).
> >     I do indeed think that voters will have difficulty in rank-ordering
> > lots of candidates, or even in examining and choosing between them. I
> > hoped that the primary I proposed would make the best of voters who were
> > unable to assess the entire field, since if they voted for someone
> > they'd heard of, and that candidate got eliminated, then their vote
> > would be transferred to someone they might like, even if they didn't
> > realise it.
> >     Colin
> Here's a thought: does there exist a method that is Condorcet,
> cloneproof, yet does not pass Smith? It's probably doable to create one,
> but the least contrived ways of getting clone independence do seem to
> generate Smith as a "side effect" of sorts. E.g. Schulze and RP.
> -km
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