[EM] L. Bruce Anderson; anyone certain of his whereabouts?

Rob Lanphier roblan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 16:25:00 PDT 2023

Hi folks,

In the VERY early days of the EM-list (1996), Bruce Anderson (who I believe
often published under the name "Lowell Bruce Anderson") participated in
discussions here.  Here's a link to the first EM-list conversation that
Bruce participated in:

Back in 1996, my ISP was pretty cheap about providing storage, but it was
all-around cheap (as I recall, I paid $96/year for Internet access, which
included a free Majordomo mailing list and web hosting space).  Regardless,
when someone tried to send a Microsoft Word doc (which could be tens....nay
HUNDREDS of kilobytes), I threatened to bring down the banhammer on that
mailing-list member.  But Bruce had a draft paper that he wanted to have
members of the list review, and he didn't have a place to host his Word
docs.  He hoped that I could do it.

I didn't save a digital copy of his manuscript, but I did save a paper copy
that appears to have been professionally bound at Kinko's.  I regret not
offering web hosting for his Word doc, and I regret not saving a digital
copy.  I've scanned the first couple of pages of Bruce's work.  I haven't
tried calling the phone numbers on the cover, but I'm virtually certain
those phone numbers don't work.  I tried the email address, but it bounced.

Any helpful hints for getting in touch with Bruce, or is it (sadly) too
late for fruitful attempts by mere mortals?  I don't know how old Bruce was
when he mailed me his draft paper.  I was (vaguely) a full-grown adult
early in my career, but I'm guessing Bruce had been in the workforce a bit
longer than me.  Now that I'm 27 years older, I fear the worst, and I'm
kicking myself for not keeping in touch with him.

I've attached the first page and the abstract page of the manuscript.  It's
a brilliant, well-cited treatise in favor of Copeland's method.  I may get
around to scanning the full draft (which has six chapters and several
appendices).  If I get around to completing the scan, I'll let y'all know.
Regardless, any ideas for finding Bruce?

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