[EM] Condorcet Meeting: Narrowing the Field

C.Benham cbenham at adam.com.au
Sat Sep 2 12:07:43 PDT 2023

One way of handling a lot of candidates without too much inconvenience 
to voters or over-drastic pruning based on the
primary would be to reward the candidates who did well in the primary 
with a more prominent, easy for voters to find,
position on the finals ballot paper.

Their names could be nearer the top and/or in bigger print, maybe even 
in a separate group labelled "Performed well in the Primary".

That way if a lot of voter opinion has changed since the primary then a 
candidate that did badly there can still win, but if not most
voters can more easily find on the ballot the names of the candidates 
they wish to rank above equal bottom.

Chris B.

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