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Hi Bob,

I was thinking Baldwin, and trying to look it up to confirm I see someone else had the same idea, and has made edits here:

Where with Nanson you'd eliminate all below-average scores whereas with Baldwin you just eliminate one at a time.



Le vendredi 20 janvier 2023 à 19:11:24 UTC−6, Bob Richard (lists) <lists001 at robertjrichard.com> a écrit : 
Law professor Ned Foley has proposed what he seems to think is a new Concorcet-compliant method. He calls it "total vote runoff".  My guess is that it has in fact been discussed on this list under another name. I am I right, and (if so) what do the members of this list call it?


Here is the summary description:

"Total Vote Runoff (TVR) is an electoral system designed to be identical to Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), which is the most commonly understood and implemented form of Ranked Choice Voting in the United States, except for one key detail. Like IRV, TVR sequentially eliminates the weakest candidate on the ranked-choice ballot when no candidate is ranked first on a majority of ballots. Unlike IRV, however, TVR identifies the weakest candidate to be eliminated based on the total votes each candidate receives on all the ballots, rather than just the number of first-place votes (as IRV does). A candidate’s total votes from each ballot is defined as the number of other candidates the candidate is ranked higher than on the ballot — as being ranked higher than another candidate is equivalent to securing a vote against that candidate, given that ranked-choice ballots can be conceived as mathematically equivalent to a round-robin election among all the candidates on the ballot. "

--Bob Richard

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