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Yee Diagrams of IRV in three and more dimensions retain all of the 2 dim
bizarre features ... fragmented win regions with holes, candidates exterior
to their own win regions, etc, because each 2 dim example can be
isometrically embedded in any symmetrical higher dimensional multivariate
normal distribution.

By contrast in every dimension the win regions for every Condorcet method
are the Dirichlet/Voronoi regions centered on the respective candidates
because for every centrally symmetric distribution the candidate closest to
the center of symmetry is the Condorcet Winner for that distribution.

Remember how we used to always say that in one dimension the Condorcet
candidate is always the first choice of the median voter?

In this context we can say the Condorcet candidate is always the first
choice of the voter at the center of symmetry.

If you take any horrible method and modify the front end to elect the CW if
there is one, suddenly it gets the same Yee diagrams as Ranked Pairs,
River, CSSD, Black, Copeland, etc. because every Yee diagram voter
distribution has a CW, namely the candidate nearest the center of symmetry
of that multivariate normal distribution.

If people interested in voting methods reform would take the time to digest
these basic facts about Yee diagrams ... and then believe their own eyes
.... they would never accept any "ranked choice voting" method unless it
satisfied the Condorcet Criterion ... even if it had to be grafted with
duct-tape and baling wire onto the front end of the proposed method ....
but how much better if incorporated seamlessly!

Pretty easy fix ... lots of bang for the nickel!

El mié., 10 de nov. de 2021 1:10 p. m., Rob Lanphier <roblan at gmail.com>

> On Tue, Nov 2, 2021 at 3:12 PM Rob Lanphier <roblan at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I've started having a weekly video hangout every Tuesday from 2pm PDT
> > until 4pm PDT (i.e. right now!).  After the United States switches off
> > Standard Time (this upcoming weekend) then it will switch to every
> > Tuesday from 2pm PST until 4pm PST (it's just the PDT->PST change
> > that's coming up).  I'll send the full details about the video
> > technology I'm using (Whereby) to anyone who sends me a private email,
> > though it's not that hard to figure out how to crash the party.
> >
> > I hope to see at least one of all y'all before the end of the year.
> I've camped out at <https://whereby.com/robla> on Tuesday afternoons
> my time since the end of October.  I think my biggest problem is that
> I've been too worried to promote the URL.  I'm going to see what
> happens when I post it to this mailing list.
> During yesterday's Whereby discussion, a couple of us were able to
> teach a former work colleague of mine about Yee diagrams:
> https://electowiki.org/wiki/Yee_diagram
> That work colleague skimmed the webpage that Yee still hosts (here:
> <http://zesty.ca/voting/sim/>) and instantly understood the
> implications.  The discussion over on the electionscience.org's
> Discord server (here: <https://electionscience.org/discord>) quickly
> got lost in the weeds about how two dimensions are not enough to
> perfectly model an electorate.  Of course, two dimensions are not
> enough to perfectly model the planet Earth, but road maps (even
> Mercator projections) are incredibly useful tools for traveling.  I
> suspect that Yee diagrams are going to be useful for persuading people
> that appreciate road maps.
> Anyway, I hope to see more people next Tuesday (starting November 16
> at 2pm PST).  For those of you in Europe, that's apparently 22:00 UTC:
> <
> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20211116T220000&p1=224&p2=1440&p3=136&p4=37&p5=179
> >
> I'm hoping to see some of you on <https://whereby.com/robla> this
> coming Tuesday at 2pm PST.
> Rob
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