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> We have to be careful about adding connotation  to the word "defeat" in
> the context of pairwise contests since it already has standard usage
> relating pairwise victors to losers.
> It is more common to use forms of "disqualify" and "disqualified" to
> denote the change of status from eligible (continuing) to ineligible.
> "Defeated by" in its standard meaning is not a transitive relation, but we
> do have the liberty to include transitivity into our definition of
> "disqualifies."

Oh, I did not know that. Alright, aside from that, and assuming we find the
right terms, do you think that my attempt to rephrase River using a
transitive relation instead of teams is correct? If so, then it is the
shortest legalese that I've found so far.

Can I use the word "Eliminate"? I worry that "Disqualify" may sound like
the candidate did something wrong.

(3) If no candidate receives a majority of first preferences, the presiding
officer shall re-tabulate the ballots in rounds according to the following
(3a) The difference between the number of ballots that rank candidate “A”
above candidate “B” and the number that rank “B” above “A” is said to be
the loss margin of “B”.
(3b) Before the first round, the candidate with the greatest loss margin
against any other candidate “X” is said to be Eliminated by “X”. All other
candidates are said to be Continuing.
(3c) In each round, the Continuing candidate “A” with the greatest loss
margin against any candidate “B” not already Eliminated by “A” is said to
be Eliminated by “B”. Candidate "A" and every candidate Eliminated by "A"
is said to be Eliminated by "B" and every candidate that Eliminates "B".
(3d) The rounds shall continue until only one Continuing candidate remains,
who is then Elected.

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