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On Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 9:59 AM Susan Simmons <suzerainsimmons at outlook.com>

> Daniel,
> I want to apologize for my rush to judgement ... just because the
> continuing candidate survivor is not the same as the River winner doesn't
> mean she's not better!
> It was wrong of me to criticize ... especially while we're still in the
> brainstorming stage!

Oh, not at all! I'm new at this and I like that I'm learning so much from
you. So... it seems like I invented a Condorcet method that is not River
and therefore has unknown properties. Anyway, let me try again with River.
I came up with another way to express River without the concept of teams.
I'm trying to present the concept of a pairwise defeat as a transitive
property. Items (1), (2), and (4) are template so let me just give you (3)
which has the actual algorithm. I also saw a couple of ways to cut a few

(3) If no candidate receives a majority of first preferences, the presiding
officer shall re-tabulate the ballots in rounds according to the following
(3a) The difference between the number of ballots that rank candidate “A”
above candidate “B” and the number that rank “B” above “A” is said to be
the loss margin of “B”.
(3b) At the start, the candidate with the greatest loss margin against any
other candidate “X” is said to be Defeated by “X”. All other candidates are
said to be Continuing.
(3c) The Continuing candidate “A” with the greatest loss margin against any
candidate “B” who is not already Defeated by “A” is now said to be Defeated
by “B” and by any candidate that Defeated “B”. Every candidate Defeated by
“A” is also said to be Defeated by every candidate that Defeated “A”.
(3d) The rounds shall continue until only one Continuing candidate remains,
who is then Elected.

I found it easier to write down River using the "transitive" language than
with the "teams" language.

>  And I like your ideas for the name!


Though I have to withdraw MMV since that's already the name of a method.

>  Even if your idea turns out to be a reformulation of MinMax margins, that
> would be a great contribution ... a description that captures the
> imagination might be just the thing to knock it's  career off of
> high-center!


> In any case, I appreciate it when people don't punture my bubble too
> quickly ... like when Chris Benham praised the many merits of a
> (supposedly) clone-free Copeland that I came up with ... It survived a few
> glorious days before Markus asked me for a proof that it was not
> susceptible to "crowding"... thanks Marcus for letting me bask in the
> feeling of success & glory for a few hours before shooting me down!🤣

Yeah, I had one day of bliss where I thought I had come up with an
incredibly clever way to write down River :-)

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