[EM] Only half an electoral system.

Richard Lung voting at ukscientists.com
Sat Jan 16 15:19:40 PST 2021

In 1908, HG Wells was on the board of the Proportional Representation Society (later the Electoral Reform Society). He made his first public attack on our beloved electoral system (in Britain and America) 110 years ago. (I have edited his writings on electoral reform.) In 1911, he said: We no longer have elections, we only have Rejections. 
This is a simple and deep truth - about all existing elections. Robert Newland of the Electoral Reform Society called the single member system "only half a democracy" but all the worlds electoral systems, are only half an electoral system. 
They lack a rational exclusion (or Rejection) count, as well as a rational election count: they are uninomisl election counts not binomial election counts. 
Well, I have invented a binomial count (Binomial STV, more completely, FAB STV). The FAB STV complication is not necessary for (human) elections. But they are only a small sub-set of information retrieval searches, which may require more systematic treatment.

Richard Lung.

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