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robert bristow-johnson rbj at audioimagination.com
Wed Aug 4 18:08:03 PDT 2021

i just got offa the phone with a Dr. Tideman.  you guys might know him.  could someone here, who is more qualified than me, put in a new line into this table at Wikipedia:


for BTR-STV ?   https://electowiki.org/wiki/Bottom-Two-Runoff_IRV

I know that BTR is Condorcet-compliant (which means that it cannot be LNH) and that, strictly, it's not precinct summable (if there was a cycle, you don't know from the summable defeat data who wins).  But I am not qualified to get the facts and authoritatively evaluate each criterion and say "yea" or "nay" to it.

geez, i can't pay you, but i can beg.


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