[EM] Best Ever Single Winner Method?

Andy Jennings elections at jenningsstory.com
Sat May 25 18:50:14 PDT 2019

I like it.  It does seem to play the weaknesses of three-slot and asset
against each other.  I'll have to keep this one in mind.

~ Andy

On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 1:21 PM Forest Simmons <fsimmons at pcc.edu> wrote:

> This is a three slot method: voters can mark candidates "preferred,"
> "acceptable," or blank (no mark).
> There is a simple, low cost, (but not instant) runoff between the the
> candidate with the greatest number of preferred ratings and the candidate
> with the greatest approval (preferred plus acceptable ratings).
> The runoff is by candidate proxy, i.e. by asset voting.  A candidate's
> asset total is the number of ballots (or fractions thereof) on which she is
> marked "preferred."
> So if you mark three candidates as preferred, each one of them gets a
> third of an asset from your ballot.
> In general three slot methods get off to a great start, but get bogged
> down in deciding what to do when it is not clear whether the approval
> winner or the plurality winner should be the method winner.
> And every time we propose asset voting we get bogged down in rules to
> constrain the candidates to some reasonable way of using their assets to
> settle on a winner.
> This hybrid method avoids both problems in one fell swoop!
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