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I just would like to applaud the response below (by Richard?) to those
who still support IRV, STV,.. and any other method that tends to
eliminate the candidate supported by the most voters in the first
round, like it did in Burlington (because IRV, STV, etc. do not treat
all voters' votes equally, counting only the 2nd and lower choices of
some voters before that candidate is eliminated but not others), and
to ask a question:

Does approval voting (where each voter may vote for up to n-1
candidates when n candidates are running for an office) adhere to the
Condorcet criteria?

Thank you.

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> > but the Condorcet criterion simply proposes that if more voters mark
> > their ballots preferring Candidate A to Candidate B than the number of
> > voters marking their ballots to the contrary, then Candidate B is not
> > elected.
> >
> > i like to compare it to a mathematical proof by contradiction: If a
> > Condorcet Winner exists and your election method does not elect the
> > CW, then who did you elect??? You elected someone when more voters
> > explicitly marked their ballots that they preferred some other
> > **specific** candidate.?? How can that be an expression of the will of
> > the electorate??? That's the problem with IRV or Borda or Bucklin (or
> > some other RCV that someone cooks up).?? Most of the time it may elect
> > the CW.?? Then great! No one is complaining.?? But when it doesn't, how
> > possibly can the winner claim to have the democratic support of the
> > electorate (even though we don't demand a majority of first-choice
> > votes, since that demand is unrealistic in a 3-way or 4-way race) when
> > the voters explicitly say "Give us this other candidate that we like
> > better!" ??
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