[EM] Defeat strength, Winning Votes vs. Margins, what to do with equally-ranks on ballot?

robert bristow-johnson rbj at audioimagination.com
Mon May 20 14:06:26 PDT 2019

So this would be about Tideman Ranked-Pairs, or Schulze, or some other Condorcet-compliant method.
It doesn't make much difference if the measure of Defeat Strength is Margins (supporting votes minus opposing votes), but what if Winning Votes is the measure of Defeat Strength
in either RP or Schulze?  How should a pair of candidates that are equally-ranked on a ballot be counted?  Do you count it (as a winning vote) for *both* candidates?  For neither candidate?  (I dislike the idea of a half-vote for both candidates.  And I hate the idea of not
allowing equal-ranking in a Condorcet RCV election.)
What is the right way to do this?  It seems the most consistent might be to count an equally-ranked votes for **neither** candidate, since we consider unranked candidates as tied for last place on the ballot, and we would count those as
But what do you guys think?  If we allow for equal-ranking in a Condorcet-compliant RCV, how do we deal with it in terms of vote totals?


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