[EM] Best Ever Single Winner Method?

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Thu May 16 07:37:26 PDT 2019

Hybrid method, using runoffs. I'm not sure the complication is 
necessary, over simple Asset, and "reasonable" is for the voters to 
judge, in any Asset method.

But this is a good method.

The best voting systems are not deterministic.

Runoff voting is the widest- used "advanced method." In fact, it's very 
old, standard democratic process simply keeps voting until someone gets 
a majority. No eliminations. IRV went around killing a method superior 
to IRV (because of what actually happens in runoffs, and especially if 
write-ins are allowed in a runoff. Simple top two runoff without 
write-ins is guaranteed to find a simple and meaningless majority. 
People are suckers for words with the core meaning gutted.

The runoff can be avoided if preferred and acceptable coincide, and 
acceptable is a majority. But runoffs, especially with write-is allowed, 
validate that a majority acceptance is informed, not merely an artifact 
of appearances in the primary.

I still prefer to handle single-winner elections with an Asset Assembly, 
majority of "effective proxies" required for completion. The entire 
electorate is represented in the Electoral College and could negotiate a 
winner. (The Asset Assembly is a standard assembly, each seat elected by 
a quota of transferred or direct votes. I expect that in mature Asset, 
almost all effective votes will be indirect, transferred, from people 
the voters actually know and can communicate with. This is a solution to 
the problem of scale in democracy.)

On 5/15/2019 4:21 PM, Forest Simmons wrote:
> This is a three slot method: voters can mark candidates "preferred," 
> "acceptable," or blank (no mark).
> There is a simple, low cost, (but not instant) runoff between the the 
> candidate with the greatest number of preferred ratings and the 
> candidate with the greatest approval (preferred plus acceptable ratings).
> The runoff is by candidate proxy, i.e. by asset voting.  A candidate's 
> asset total is the number of ballots (or fractions thereof) on which 
> she is marked "preferred."
> So if you mark three candidates as preferred, each one of them gets a 
> third of an asset from your ballot.
> In general three slot methods get off to a great start, but get bogged 
> down in deciding what to do when it is not clear whether the approval 
> winner or the plurality winner should be the method winner.
> And every time we propose asset voting we get bogged down in rules to 
> constrain the candidates to some reasonable way of using their assets 
> to settle on a winner.
> This hybrid method avoids both problems in one fell swoop!
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