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Does anyone have Smith Set, Schwartz Set, IRV, and STV (2, 3, 4, 5, etc.)
results for the HIL files here:


I get the following for A1 with Meek-STV (precision = 9, seats = 3):

Tabulation completion data:
  0.0000000000 Candidate  2 defeated
  156.7058824400000000000 Candidate  9 elected
  0.0000000000 Candidate  7 defeated
  135.9776274220000000000 Candidate  1 elected
  0.0000000000 Candidate  5 defeated
  0.0000000000 Candidate  6 defeated
  0.0000000000 Candidate  8 defeated
  131.1851762120000000000 Candidate  3 elected
  0.0000000000 Candidate  4 defeated
  0.0000000000 Candidate 10 defeated

The next step is to follow the debugger step by step and straighten out the
logic (it gives an odd report with 2 candidates), and then clean up the
remaining refactoring artifacts (the constructor for a tabulator has number
of seats as an argument—so does the Tabulate() call).

Right now, the tabulator computes IRV (broken by vote splitting, not
recommended), Tideman's Alternative (recommended), and Meek-STV
(recommended).  It does not compute:

 - MNTV (non-representative, not recommended)
 - Approval (non-representative, inherently tactical and
voter-risk-behavior based, not recommended)
 - Range voting methods (subject to an amplification of the Approval voting
problem, but can be computed as ranked by flattening)
 - Plurality (broken by vote splitting, not recommended)
 - STV rules without surplus pass-through (broken by Woodall free riding,
not recommended)
 - Schulze STV (resists Hylland free riding, recommended)

Code is available here:  https://github.com/jrmoserbaltimore/libdemocrav

This is pre-alpha work.

Thanks in advance.
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