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>> By "utility" I mean basically that every voter has a "happiness" score for each candidate. And these are added up for each candidate to find the utility winner.
>So, Toby, just to be clear.  If I really, really, really like my candidate and you just  sortaprefer your candidate, does my vote count for more than your vote?
Well it partly depends on how you define a vote counting for more. But if these are the two frontrunners, then under a raw utility method, then yes, your vote would count for more. But there isn't a method that reads our minds to judge what we would consider to be our utility of each candidate. Under score voting, we would both have the choice of how to score these candidates. I can still maximise the difference if I want, but then I understand that you would counter that I am placed with a tactical burden while doing this.
I don't think the problems of score are as bad as you think they are, but I'm not wedded to it either. One could make a big thing about Condorcet methods (and probably virtually all methods discussed on here) failing participation. Never mind someone's vote counting for more than mine - my vote might count negative!
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