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I was going to type simply "Good question."

One of the major justifications MJ has is that it  (like Relevant 
Ratings and IBIFA and Bucklin and Approval)
meets the Favorite Betrayal Criterion (aka FBC) which isn't compatible 
with Condorcet.

In other words, MJ's  (main) excuse for failing Condorcet is that it 
meets FBC.

But when you add a 2-candidate runoff you always have a possible 
Push-over incentive and so no
compliance with FBC.

And so the whole thing becomes a weird method that meets Condorcet but 
probably fails Smith.

Chris Benham

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>     > I would certainly favor Majority Judgment over many other
>     options, if there
>     > were no other choice, though I'd prefer if it included a runoff
>     against the
>     > Condorcet Winner if one exists.
>     I know that i am just stuck in Condorcet land and I haven't
>     completely groked MJ (because i don't like the ballot), but can
>     you guys help me understand how **any** candidate beats the
>     Condorcet Winner in a runoff?
> Voters are not rational. Also, in a runoff, they are not necessarily 
> the same voters.
>     If you have an election method and subject that winner of that
>     method to the CW (whom must have been chosen from ranked-ballot
>     results) in a runoff, does not always the CW win?  If so, then why
>     not just elect the CW?
> Indeed, that would be the case. But I think voters may not realize the 
> ramifications of their selections in early use of any new method, so 
> an option to reconsider might be beneficial.
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