[EM] Proposed Candidate Proxy Ballot Enhancement Protocol

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Mon Jun 3 19:33:38 PDT 2019

*Candidate Proxy Ballot Enhancement*

*A base method is chosen well before the election.*

*Candidates publish their own ratings or rankings of the candidates well
before the election but temporarily withhold certain strategic information
like approval and/or truncation cutoffs.*

*When the designated time comes, voters submit their more or less completed
ballots, including a designation of one or more candidates as “favorites.”*

*Once all of the partially filled ballots are collected and statistically
summarized the candidates finish their own ballots by establishing their
own explicit approval and truncation cutoffs.*

*Then each of the partially completed voter ballots is (automatically)
completed (as far as possible) using the information from the ballot of its
designated “favorite” (with fractional weight if more than one favorite)
while respecting all of the ordinal and cardinal information already
included, and not including information that the voter wants to remain

*Once so enhanced, these ballots are fed into the base method to elect the
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