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> Thanks to Kristofer for explaining my “beats” vs “beats or ties” confusion.


> For anyone interested, here is the software package of me using scala to compute Smith and Schwartz sets. It’s not super-advanced, but it at least avoids mutable variables. In the future I may try to use more expressive FP concepts, and pull in one of the faster Schwartz algorithms. I
don’t entirely understand the graph algorithms yet.

> https://github.com/tunesmith/condorcet-counter <https://github.com/tunesmith/condorcet-counter>


> I opined a bit in the README but that’s not really the point of the project. I just wanted an easy way to identify Smith and Schwartz sets for myself.

to wit: "It's this author's view that a
method should only be called a Condorcet if it is limited to identifying the Smith Set,"
seems to me that your view is that the current definition of "Condorcet-compliant-method" should be changed.  so is Tideman Ranked-Pairs or Schulze Beat-Path methods not
"Condorcet methods"?


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