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Sat Mar 10 20:00:48 PST 2018

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 10:35 PM, Rob Lanphier wrote:

> Rather than starting a new effort, an interesting possibility is to
> amend many other methods which are more definitive (e.g. Score/Range,
> IRV) but have boundary conditions that make people nervous.

Is everyone here aware of Score-Runoff Voting?


It's an amendment to Score meant to discourage Approval-style and
bullet-style strategic voting.  (It *encourages* expression of rankings, so
your vote counts in the runoff, but doesn't require them, allowing
expression of indifference and strong vs weak preferences, which are
impossible with ranked ballots.)

Score-ballot open primaries followed by a top-two runoff election would be
similar, in that it finds most-approved candidates and alleviates
nervousness, etc.
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