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Richard Lung voting at ukscientists.com
Thu Jul 12 23:53:24 PDT 2018

It is ironic that the world seems to have this electoral reform battle 
of the big-enders versus the little-enders (from Gullivers Travels). 
That is to say the collectivist Europeans and their outliers, back a 
proportional count with party lists - such as sabotages individual 
choice, without a ranked choice for voters. While the good ole US of A 
does not forget individual representation with a ranked choice, but 
forgets equality of representation with a proportional count. The only 
exception is Cambridge Mass. using STV, and one or two minor cases of 
STV in Minnesota, I believe.
One EM member says STV is BAD. As the ignored inventor of FAB STV, I 
know the limitations of traditional STV but essentially it is on the 
right lines, laid down by the original inventors, Carl Andrae and Thomas 
Hare, namely the quota-preferential method, as the Aussies pithily 
describe its essence.

As for ranked pairing, my understanding is that it is not an independent 
method at all, but a means of cross-referencing a ranked choice 
electoral system. As previously mentioned to this email group, I wrote a 
supplemetary chapter on this, in my book FAB STV: Four Averages Binomial 
Single Transferable Vote.

Richard Lung.

On 13/07/2018 02:37, Sennet Williams wrote:
> Sorry I don't get online much, but everyone should know that RCV is 
> getting a LOT of good publicity.
> 1-Maine just had the first statewide IRV election in U.S. history.
> 2-since then, there have been op-ed(s?) in the NYT calling for RCV 
> nationwide
> 3-London Breed has just become the first african american female mayor 
> of SF: thanks to RCV.
> 4-Jesse Arreguin is the first latino mayor of Berkeley, thanks to RCV.
> 5-Jean Quan was the first asian mayor of Oakland, thanks to RCV.
> 6-Libby Schaaf, Oakland's new mayor, was elected thanks to RCV.
> If you want to pay attention, IRV/RCV/ranked pairs are inevitably the 
> future, that is why  I don't understand this craziness discussing 
> outdated election "systems."
> -Thanks for reading
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