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Looked at the 6 single-winner methods, given by Kristofer. It's similar 
to the 5 methods given in Beyond Numeracy by von Paulos. Except that 
Approval Voting is added. Most ingenious, except Approval Voting and 
range Voting (not one of the 6 methods) are inefficient because the 
votes count against each other and don't specify order of importance.  
The other methods more or less inefficient by degree of ranking 
information the method offers. That is the real issue behind the puzzle. 
Not a puzzle at all really, just different degrees of information, in 
different methods producing different results. It mystifies me why 
intelligent people like von Paulos or the social choice theory industry 
should believe this puzzle demonstrates an "Impossibility" theorem.
The joke of it is that in the von Paulos case, if you weight the 
Condorcet pairing, this gives accurate enough information to agree with 
Borda method, the two most informative methods. I presume weighted 
Condorcet is the Kenemy method. I just followed good statistical 
practise of weighting data suitably. So much for "Impossibility" theorem!

Apologies for sel-advertising but hope shortly to publish a method that 
works equally for single vacancies and multiple vacancies. I mentioned 
it in a recent post to Jameson Quin. It is much too information-rich for 
the usual illogicalities associated with premature exclusion of 
candidates, the source of the 5 different winners mischief.

Thankyou for saying once that you agreed with me. It may have been on 
this very issue, mentioned in the past.
Yours sincerely,
Richard Lung.

On 22/02/2018 20:00, Stéphane Rouillon wrote:
> Hi,
> I do not know if Forest Simmons or Rob Lanphier are still active on this list, however it should be the best place to find some help.
> I am searching for specific references:
> 1) a site with 5 single-winner methods that lead to 5 different winners (from a personal website of a university teacher, Syracuse maybe),
> anyone knows it?
> 2) typical references for approval, Concorcet, range and median single-winner methods.
> 3) typical literature reference for the latest attempts to generalize each of these to multi-winner proportional methods.
> Thanks for any hint...
> Stéphane Rouillon.
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