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Ted Stern dodecatheon at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 12:57:13 PST 2018

Hi Rob,

Thanks for pointing me to Chris Benham's Approval runoff suggestion from
2013.  With what I have learned since 2016 it makes more sense now.

In that light, I'm getting toward being on board with your MAF idea.
However, I'm still unclear on how you set up the opposition candidate pool.

So I understand you have the Approval Winner (AW), plus, if AW's approval
is less than a threshold, all candidates with approval > 50% and
complementary approved candidates.  The question is, after you have chosen
the first complementary approved candidate, the candidate who is approved
on the most ballots that don't approve AW, how do you form the complement
for the other opposition candidates?

In my opinion, when you have a runner up highly approved candidate, the
complementary candidate should be the candidate with highest approval on
ballots that don't approve of the *runner-up*, not the AW.  And if that
complementary opposition candidate is already in the runoff, take the
next-highest approved on those ballots until you find a new candidate.

For example, if the approval winner is A with approval less than the
dominance threshold, also include complementary opposition candidate B
(highest approved on ballots that don't approve A), plus highly approved
runner up C with approval > 50%, plus complementary opposition candidate D
(highest approved candidate who is not A or B, on ballots that don't
approve C).  If there is another highly approved runner up E with approval
> 50%, then include complementary candidate F, who is the highest approved
non-(A,B,C,D) candidate on ballots that don't approve of E.  And so on.

What do you think?
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