[EM] 4th Annual Free & Equal Electoral Reform Symposium

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Thu Sep 28 22:15:55 PDT 2017

You’re invited to attend the Free and Equal Elections Fourth Annual
Electoral Reform Symposium on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 from 9 AM - 5 PM MT
at the Infinity Park’s Cherry Creek Room in Glendale, CO. This event will
be co-hosted by Fair Elections for Colorado and others. It will also be
live-streamed on our The Free and Equal Elections Foundation
<https://www.facebook.com/freeandequal/> Facebook page.

Speakers include Nancy Crow, President of The League of Women Voters of
Colorado, Aaron Hamlin of Center for Election Science, Harvie Branscomb of
Coloradons for Voting Integrity, Frank Atwood of Approval Voting, Patrick
Moore Board Member of United States Cannabis Coalition, Lisa Scott ~
Producer of film project, Outdated Democracy: A 21st Century Civics Lesson
& more!

Topics which will be addressed include The Commission on Presidential
Debates vs. Open Presidential Debates, alternative voting methods (Instant
Runoff Voting, Approval Voting, Score Voting, etc.), ballot access
barriers, rigged gerrymandering, paper ballots vs. block chain online
voting, electoral college vs. popular vote, proportional representation,
economics of prohibition, Federal Reserve vs. alternative currencies
(Bitcoin, Nexus Token, etc.) and evolving technology.

For further info, please see

Please click "Going" on that page if you plan to attend in person. Please
click "Interested" if you plan to watch the livestream. This will help the
organizers and also help attract attention to the event.
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