[EM] New Algorithm draw Districts as Voronoi.

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Sun Nov 12 16:28:03 PST 2017



	I remember a few years ago on the list for RangeVoting, we did an 
analysis of Voronoi versus SplitLine.  We found that Voronoi is too 

	Assuming that we are stupid enough to use plurality, thus subject to 
DuVerger's Law, Voronoi tends to generate districts with a 
60%/40%-party-balance.  That means that electability means nothing, so 
one ends up with extreme partisanship.  SplitLine generates districts 
with a balance of 45%/55% so that electability is importants, so that 
politicians are willing to actually govern instead of obstruct at best, 
or try to create communist states if they are on the left or fascist 
states if they are on the right at worst.



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