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I've now published the article: here it is
Comments are of course still welcome, and upvotes/likes are appreciated.

2017-07-26 12:23 GMT-07:00 Jameson Quinn <jameson.quinn at gmail.com>:

> I'm working on writing a piece on Medium expressing why I think voting
> reform is important. I want to stay away from dry technicalities and go to
> the emotional heart of my activism. And I think that that heart is that I
> want a democracy that voters can be proud of. In practice, I believe that
> such pride would reflect more-honest voting and would lead to higher
> turnout, and that both of these would improve outcomes. It's the simple
> idea of the wisdom of the crowd: a larger crowd whose voices can be heard
> more clearly and honestly will be wiser.
> My initial attempts at writing this piece are up at
> https://medium.com/@jameson.quinn/make-america-proud-to-
> vote-again-mava-7ef14b8bf606. For now, they're still very incomplete, but
> I'd welcome comments. Of course, the people I'm sending this message to are
> in some sense the "early adopter" audience for this piece of writing once
> it's finished. So if you comment now, I hope that when I'm done, and send
> another message in this thread to tell you about it, you'll take a moment
> to "like" the piece on Medium.
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