[EM] Messaging for voting activism: "pride" and turnout

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 12:23:27 PDT 2017

I'm working on writing a piece on Medium expressing why I think voting
reform is important. I want to stay away from dry technicalities and go to
the emotional heart of my activism. And I think that that heart is that I
want a democracy that voters can be proud of. In practice, I believe that
such pride would reflect more-honest voting and would lead to higher
turnout, and that both of these would improve outcomes. It's the simple
idea of the wisdom of the crowd: a larger crowd whose voices can be heard
more clearly and honestly will be wiser.

My initial attempts at writing this piece are up at https://medium.com/@
jameson.quinn/make-america-proud-to-vote-again-mava-7ef14b8bf606. For now,
they're still very incomplete, but I'd welcome comments. Of course, the
people I'm sending this message to are in some sense the "early adopter"
audience for this piece of writing once it's finished. So if you comment
now, I hope that when I'm done, and send another message in this thread to
tell you about it, you'll take a moment to "like" the piece on Medium.
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