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a few weeks ago, someone posted here a reference to a story about RCV in Sante Fe.  the story was in an Albuquerque newspaper but it's about Santa Fe.  i  found a current op-ed about it and wrote a response.  Rob Richie is not happy with me.  i've initially
replied to him, but need to write something else, because i actually am on board with the mission of FairVote, but *not* their efforts on IRV.  (and i was specifically unhappy when i discovered that they repackaged IRV with the label "RCV" which compounds their continuing effort to
bring election reform by implying that any form of RCV must be decided with IRV rules and hiding the very real flaws of IRV.)  i understand that this might be ill-timed because the city has voted to adopt "RCV" (in the form of IRV) 9 years ago and have not implemented it, ostensibly
due to issues of modifying the voting machines.
anyway, here is the op-ed:
please be gentle. :-)

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