[EM] Election-method reform bill in U.S. Congress

VoteFair electionmethods at votefair.org
Thu Jul 6 16:51:36 PDT 2017

A member of U.S. Congress has introduced a bill about election-method 
reform.  Below are the title and a link to the info about the bill.

"H.R.3057 - To establish the use of ranked choice voting in elections 
for Representatives in Congress, to require each State with more than 
one Representative to establish multi-member Congressional districts, to 
require States to conduct Congressional redistricting through 
independent commissions, and for other purposes."


The FairVote folks have been involved in writing the bill, so of course 
it uses flawed mathematics.

Of course there is zero chance that it could pass, but at least it's 
helping to increase awareness that there are other ways to vote.

I don't have time to do anything with this information, but maybe 
someone else here will find this info useful.

Richard Fobes
("VoteFair" not FairVote)

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