[EM] The election methods trade-off paradox/impossibility theorems paradox.

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Some little misunderstanding here. I have never, in over 40 years 
supported IRV, much less cheered for it,  as could even be grasped from 
the message you quote. And so have never taken any particular interest 
in its adoption or discarding. Ranked choice or preference voting is a 
necessary but not sufficient condition for a scientific and democratic 
election system.

Richard |Lung.

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> > No doubt you are safe in not thinking that is quite right.
> > An electoral system that does not get beyond majority counting, even if
> > it employs ranked choice, (as characterised of Arrow theorem in
> > Democracy and New Technology, by Iain McClean) is never going to achieve
> > anything like satisfactory representation. It is a hang-over of
> > monarchism, the notion that democracy is about winners and losers.
> > Democracy and science are about consensus.
> democracy is about social choices somehow made or shared with the 
> people who are enfranchised stakeholders (like citizens or eligible 
> permanent residents).  so somehow we get all 120 million Americans in 
> some virtual room and decide, with some algorithm that is a function 
> of each voter's choice, a winner is chosen in such a way that best 
> expresses the will of these voters.
> Richard, we know you are a cheerleader for IRV and that's fine.  Have 
> you heard about jurisdictions that adopted IRV, used it, and later 
> repealed IRV?
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