[EM] hmmm. Maybe I missed something before SF passed IRV then called it RCV?

Andrew Myers andru at cs.cornell.edu
Wed Jul 5 00:31:14 PDT 2017

On 07/01/2017 08:46 AM, Sennet Williams wrote:
>> If so, I conditionally apologize.
>>   I had certainly never heard of the term "RCV" until an anti-IRV SF
>> election commissioner suggested that RCV would be a better name and no
>> one objected.  That was around 1990(?), after the SF measure was passed
>> but before it was implemented.  The vote redistribution method is
>> apparently exactly the same in SF, Oakland and Berkeley, all which were
>> voted on as "I.R.V.", but are now usually referred to as RCV.
>>   If the term R.C.V. had actually been used before that election
>> commission meeting then the implication is that I.R.V. is merely a type
>> of RCV, so I learned something new.
Is there any evidence for this claim that RCV was used with any 
frequency to mean the same thing as IRV? I have only heard them used as 
synonyms (by IRV supporters) in the past few years. If this is true, 
there must be plenty of old links in the wayback machine that Sennet can 
point us all to. When I look at the FairVote web site from 2009, it 
talks about ranked choice voting *methods*; prior to that, IRV seems to 
be the name used exclusively.

-- Andrew

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