[EM] Maine IRV: anyone have the details?

Sennet Williams sennetwilliams at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 8 20:41:56 PDT 2017

I know that Maine passed question 5,but I did not easily learn exactly how it is supposed to work or what the election margin of victory was.Apparently IRV or RCV will be used for both primaries and general elections for federal and state positions.?-how many candidates can voters rank??-can voters cross party lines in primaries??-Will Maine's electoral votes be determined by IRV?-When is this expected to be implemented? (It took SF and Berkeley 10 years each to have IRV-capable voting equipment)
Rationally, it is possible that modernizing to Maine's election system will become a cause celebre by Nov., 2018.  There have been lots of calls for a new party, and IRV is the only likely way to make that possible in the U.S. -s  
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