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As I said, conditional votes lend themselves straightforwardly to Bucklin.

So, though I suggested a way to adapt conditional votes to rankings, that
adaptation isn't needed with Bucklin.

St each round,  the conditional votes as described for Approval, using the
numbers of votes given among the two factions up to & in the current round.

In more detail:

In any particular round, "Fab" is the fraction of the A voters who have
given a vote (conditional or not) to B in that round or a previous round.

"Fba" vice-versa.

Say Fab > Fba.

Disregard just enough of the conditional votes from the A voters to B, so
as to make Fab = Fba.

If not enough A faction votes for B are conditional to achieve that, then
disregard all of the conditional votes from A voters to B.

...which will bring Fab as close as possible to Fba.

This is done in each round.


The adaptation that I described, in my previous post about conditional
votes, for other rank-methods, is only intended for 1st & 2nd rank

But the procedure described here for Bucklin is for every round.


I suggest that conditional votes is a refinement that could be added to
Bucklin sometime after Bucklin's enactment.  ...rather than in the initial
Bucklin proposal.

Likewise Chris Benham's substitute for or improved definition of majority
in Bucklin.


Best methods:

1. 3-Slot ICT
2. Approval & Score

Best methods for electorates, in current conditions, who want or need

1. Plain MMPO
2. Bucklin (B or A)
3. ER Bucklin

In current conditions, the electorate probably needs rankings & FBC.

Bucklin(B or A) let's the voter vote an Approval ballot or a Plain Bucklin
ballot (no skipping or equal-ranking)

ER Bucklin allows equal-ranking, but no skipping.

...except that, if a ranking gives votes to n candidates in a round, then
the count-rule automatically skips n-1 rounds before giving the vote(s)
indicated at that ranking's next rank.


Best methods for polls:

If it's known that voting is non-strategic:

Probably MAM



Michael Ossipoff
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