[EM] "Wild Election Results Brought To You By Single-Mark Ballots" article at Democracy Chronicles

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Tue Sep 27 14:44:07 PDT 2016

I just published an article about the U.S. Presidential election.  Here 
is the link:


The article humorously explains to non-math folks:

* Vote splitting

* Vote concentration

* Single-mark ballots

* Approval voting

* What future generations will use, namely 1-2-3 ballots and pairwise 

* How we got the first, and last, black president

* Why Obama won re-election

* Why George W. Bush won

* The full map of politics, including the up and down

* Why a single-mark ballot is not asking for your first choice

* Why it's OK to lie when you tell people how you marked your 
single-mark ballot

* And more

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Please feel free to convey feedback either here, or on Twitter, or at 
Democracy Chronicles (in that order for how often I'll check for comments).

As I see it, this is an excellent opportunity to educate lots of people, 
especially in the U.S., about the need for election-method reform.

And an opportunity for the rest of the world to understand what the heck 
is going on in the U.S. presidential election.

Richard Fobes

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