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C.Benham cbenham at adam.com.au
Wed Sep 21 19:49:41 PDT 2016


You recently wrote:
> Smith//MMPO has replaced Plain MMPO as an advocacy of mine.

Do you still advocate  Smith//MMPO ?

It seems very similar to Winning Votes  (MAM, Schulze, River, 
Smith//MinMax) except less decisive.

35 A>B
25 B
40 C

B>C 60-40,   C>A 40-35,  A>B 35-25.     MPO scores: C60 <  A40 = B40.

WV elects B, but MMPO gives an A=B tie.   B winning fails CD and A 
winning fails Plurality.

Also (like WV) it fails  Mono-switch-plump.

25 A>B
26 B>C
23 C>A
22 C
04 A

C>A  71-29,   A>B  52-26,   B>C  51-49.     MPO scores: C51 < B52 < A71

MMPO  and WV elect  C,  but if  the 4A ballots change to 4C then they 
both elect B.

25 A>B
26 B>C
23 C>A
26 C

C>A  75-26,   A>B  48-26,   B>C  51-49.     MPO scores: B48 < C51 < A75.

In my view C, being both positionally dominant and uncovered, is the 
prettiest winner.

Chris Benham

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