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Sun Sep 18 23:54:02 PDT 2016

When you vote for someone for president, you are saying, “*This* is who I
want to run our country. And I want more candidates like this in the

What if you don’t like either Clinton or Trump? There are 20 other
candidates on the ballot in Colorado, including Gary Johnson and Jill
Stein, the Libertarian and Green party candidates. Both Johnson and Stein
will be on the ballot in all or most states.

“But if I don’t vote for the lesser evil, the greater evil may win.” Here’s
how to free yourself from that trap: Find someone who is politically
opposite from you. Form a pact with that person, that neither of you will
vote for Clinton or Trump. You are then free to vote for whomever you
really prefer, and at the same time you take away one vote each from
Clinton and Trump. In order to ensure that the other person doesn’t cheat,
fill out absentee ballots together, or go to the polls together, and check
each other’s ballots.

Is that too much trouble? If you feel that way, why even bother to vote at

This idea is promoted by VotePact.org. If all the disaffected Democrats and
Republicans would follow this strategy, the effect on this and future
elections would be “yuge!” Help spread the word!
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