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Second order proportional representation.

First order proportional representation refers to the election of the 
legislature by PR. Second-order PR refers to the composition of the 

Transferable voting can prefer candidates from more than one party, to 
decide the democratically prefered majority coalition. This single 
majority government, representing over half the voters in the executive, 
is the rational representation, that is denied by first past the post or 
simple plurality elections.

But that is still not second-order proportional representation. That 
requires at least a double majority government, which would represent 
two thirds of the voters in the executive. A triple majority government 
would represent three quarters of the voters in the executive. And so 
on. That is second-order proportional representation.

Note that it requires a considerable first-order proportional 
representation to ensure even a single majority government. We saw this 
in Ireland, when the then largest party, Fianna Fail whittled down the 
constituencies to 3 or 4 members, so that they could win a majority of 
seats on only 45% of the votes.

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Richard Lung.

Richard Lung.

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