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I think Chiastic Approval would fail participation, assuming I've done this right. Take the following ballots with scores out of 100:
2 voters: A=50, B=401 voter: A=50, B=60
A would have a score of 50. B would have a score of 40. Everyone gives B a score of at least 40, and only a third give B a score higher. Now imagine there are two extra voters and we have these ballots:
2 voters: A=50, B=401 voter: A=50, B=602 voters: A=100, B=60
A still has a score of 50, but B now has a score of 60. So these two ballots cause B to overtake A despite them both preferring A to B.

      From: Forest Simmons <fsimmons at pcc.edu>
Does it satisfy Participation?

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