[EM] Five Star Movement uses the Schulze Method

Markus Schulze markus.schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Tue Nov 10 11:42:58 PST 2015


the "Five Star Movement" ("Movimento 5 Stelle", M5S), an Italian
political party with about 130,000 members, is currently the
largest organization that uses a Condorcet method for its
internal decision-making processes. To be more concrete, it uses
the Schulze method. To be even more concrete, it uses OpenSTV's
implementation of Schwartz Sequential Dropping. See this
educational video:


On 8 November 2015, the "Five Star Movement" of Milan used this
method to nominate its candidate for the upcoming mayoral elections.
There were 8 candidates and about 300 cast ballots.

Markus Schulze

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