[EM] UK electoral systems "post mortem" discussion on radio

Fred Gohlke fredgohlke at verizon.net
Thu Jun 11 07:19:05 PDT 2015

Good Morning, Gervase

Did you happen to notice the report of the election in Frome, UK:


Frome has elected a government of Independents.  The article describes 
the ongoing process of eliminating political parties from city 
government.  It also mentions other communities in the UK that are 
taking similar steps.

It's worth noting that these efforts are taking place in a country with 
multiple parties.  Many people think additional parties or proportional 
representation will cure our political malaise.  That does not seem to 
be the case.

My only quibble with the movement in Frome is the means by which they 
select their candidates.  If anyone reads the article and would like to 
discuss the selection of candidates, I'll be happy to participate.

Fred Gohlke

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