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I'm sad to say, that it's hard for me to imagine what politicians could do
to improve the situation of people in their everyday life.
I can see how "business" can and does change the every day life of people.
It's about whether people earn money,    because *MONEY = VOTES*, it gives
people the power to vote on what they want others to do for them.
It's about whether people spend money, because *MONEY = VOTES*, it gives
people the power to vote on what they want others to do for them.

Most people have very few "votes" and need to earn more in order to get
Most people have NO SAY in how they do business and earn money - even when
they choose their profession, the decide early in their life and transition
is not trivial.

*This is how REAL DEMOCRACY works!*
3. SELLING = BEING a CANDIDATE that others can VOTE for :-)

*AND YES...*
The way our current money works is pretty flawed and so our "REAL
DEMOCRACY" is pretty broken, but to make it work, the rules around
democracy (which is how money works), needs to be fixed, to make it mean
something in the ways i describe above.
The ECONOMY is our real democracy and people buy/sell every day and thus
participate EVERY DAY.
We need to UPGRADE this democracy, by:
1. fixing money (and talk about what could be fixed)
2. augmenting it with all kinds of apps/meetings/events/activities that
inform people better and guide this democracy

*The FAKE BULLSHIT (which is voting every couple of years on which party
(they are the same anyways) gets king for a period of time) has to disolve.*

This might sound radical, but please step back for a while and imagine,
that money would work not as it works today with central banks and rigged
rules (see europe/greece), but in the best possible version you could
imagine - basically some kind of utopia/fairytale currency... (which might
not be so far away from today if you have ever heard of a technology called
"BLOCKCHAIN") ...so under this light, maybe what i describe as "REAL
DEMOCRACY" makes sense? :-)

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 4:02 PM, Fred Gohlke <fredgohlke at verizon.net> wrote:

> Good Morning, Alexander
> Thank you for taking the time to comment on my posts.  The differences in
> our views are so extreme that reconciling them is unlikely.
> That's unfortunate.  The political situation in Frome, U.K. is unusual.
> It offers a unique opportunity to empower all those people in the community
> who have the desire and the ability to influence Frome's future.  I thought
> your recognition of the need for people to collaborate in constructive ways
> might offer a basis for thinking through specific suggestions the Town
> Council might consider.  It does not seem so.
> Fred Gohlke
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*Everything I have written above is my personal experience/opinion on
things, no matter what kinds of words i did use(e.g. "always", "never",
"impossible", "waste of time", ....).*

*Such extreme words only do indicate, that my experience/opinion on
something is very strong and i currently cannot imagine that there are
other possibilities until new arguments/insights/whatever open my eyes that
there are alternative perspectives too :-)Please do not feel discouraged to
challenge my opinion if you have a different one.*

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