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Thank you for the reply and sorry for the pause.
I though that Condorcet methods are better when multiple places are concerned. Then scoring every entry brings relevant ranking. On another hand if only one winner is considered than simple majority system is accurate enough.  Is it correct, or  I am wrong?
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So if a contest assumes only one winner  than any method is valid, right?

There age good and bad methods. In this list (that is quite good) many people could recommend e.g. some Condorcet methods.
I brief, Condorcet methods are very good at least in a situation where- you elect one winner- the elecion is competitive (i.e. people try to vote so that one of their favourites will win)- you can afford the complexity of a method where the voters will rank the candidates (or at least some of them) in their preference order
(If you elect multiple winners, if the elction is not competitive (e.g. _neutral_ judges elect their favourite athlete) or if you need a simpler method, then it could be better to use some other methods.)
I write this just to make a long story short. Many (maybe most) people on this list (not all) think that Condorcet methods are good general purpose sigle-winner methods for competitive elections.
BR, Juho

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