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>  conditions

You wrote:

> "Current" might refer to the U.S.


Yes, sorry--"Current U.S. conditions" would is what I mean when I say,
"current condiions".

> It would be good to point out clearly where the recommendations apply
> (e.g. to improve presidenial elections of certain type, in single winner
> districts of legislative bodies etc.)

I don't specify that because, when I refer to official public political
elections, I mean all of them. But yes, certainly elections to state and
national office are the imporatnt ones here, and those are the ones that I
really mean when i say "official public political elections".\

Thanks for pointing out those unstated intended meanings.

I'd said:

...Recommended: Approval, Score, ICT

> 2. Green scenario
> ...Recommended: IRV, Benham, Woodall
> 3. Ideal majoritarian conditions
> ...Recommended: MAM
> ---------------------------------------
> Current conditions need FBC. Green scenario conditions (in which a
> progressive party has been elected to office) call for MMC and CD, with the
> Condorcet Criterion a desirable bonus. That combination is possible because
> FBC isn't needed.
> You commented:

> This sounds a bit like using different methods based on the current
> political situation.



You continued:

> Typically one has to use one method that works well enough in all possible
> situations.


Certainly not.

I'm not saying that we should vary the voting system from one election to
the next, but I do say that there are  broad longterm conditions that
obtain for long periods (but it would be nice if current conditions don't
obtain for too long), and that the votnig system should be optimized for
those longterm condtions.

Just because current conditions (for U.S., official public political
elections) require FBC doesn't mean that FBC is a requirement for voting
sysems used in polling,where FBC isn't needed because of the absence of
media-induced strategic pressure

.., or that FBC is a requirement when a newly-elected progressive
government chooses a voting system, when media and eletorate are entirely
diferent from what they are now..

...or that CD is a requirement for voting systems for polling, where
results evidence shows that successful chicken-dilemma defection isn't
taking place.

Different voting systems are optimal under different conditions.

Michael Ossipoff
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