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Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
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Chris and Mike,

your combined comments gave me an idea for a more practical version of

A method satisfies Semi-Sincerity Relative to MAM or SS(MAM) if and only if
a semi-sincere modification of the sincere preferences leads to a strategic
equilibrium ballot set from which the method elects the the sincere MAM

This criterion recognizes the superiority of MAM under ideal conditions
while allowing the method in question to comply with CD, for example.

Suppose our method is Benham, and sincere votes are

34 A>B
31 B
35 C

A semi-sincere ballot modification results in a Nash equilibrium for Benham
that elects B, the MAM winner of the sincere ballot set (not to mention the
modified set).

34 A=B
31 B
35 C


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> Chris--
> One comment that I can make right away is that FBC is almost surely
> incompatible with CD + MMC.  ...just as FBC is incompatible with Condorcet.
> So, in Green scenario or ideal majoritarian conditions, FBC would be too
> costly. So, if the 2nd of Forest's criteria, too, is incompatible with the
> criteria desirable for the Green scenario, that's favorable to a likening
> of that criterion to FBC. Sure, the differences are great too..
> Of course you have a point about the desirability of sacrificing one's
> favorite in order to save the winner under sincere voting.
> It could be argued that the thing being measured for is the _possibiity_ of
> easily (without reversal) preserving the sincere winner, whether or not
> it's always desirable, and that that's a matter of interest, just because
> it _could_ be desirable.
> Mike
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