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> I'd be happier if the analysis on his list would more frequently point out
> which claims are intended to work or be important in public elections and
> when we are talking about some entirely different environments. Both / all
> approaches are needed but it would make sense to put more emphasis also on
> which vulnerabilities and strategies are relevant in typical real life
> (political) elections.


That's what I've  been doing. Not only have I specifed methods for official
public political elections, but I've distinguished between various kinds of
conditions for those official public political elections:

1. Current conditions

...Recommended: Approval, Score, ICT

2. Green scenario

...Recommended: IRV, Benham, Woodall

3. Ideal majoritarian conditions

...Recommended: MAM


Current conditions need FBC. Green scenario conditions (in which a
progressive party has been elected to office) call for MMC and CD, with the
Condorcet Criterion a desirable bonus. That combination is possible because
FBC isn't needed.

In ideal majoritarian conditions, CD isn't needed either (in addition to
FBC not being needed0. Ideal majoritarian conditions exist in polls, and
among amicable organizations, groups, families and committees.

In inimical groups, CD-complying methods are desirable.

Approval is a uniquely easily-counted method whose versatility makes it ok
for all conditions, though it's suboptimal in Green scenario and ideal
majoritarian conditions. Approval is near optimal under current conditions,
though ICT is better (but not as easy to propose).

Check out my articles at Democracy Chronicles, regarding voting systems for
the various kinds of conditions.


Click on authors, to find my articles there.

Michael Ossipoff
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