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More on the divided majority with YES votes --
Single office -- A, B, Z choices.

26 AB
25 BA
39 Z
4 ZA
6 ZB

Should listed Number Votes all be deemed YES votes ???

Thus -- YES 55 A, 57 B, 49 Z
Minority Z loses.

Head to Head B 31 > A 30 --- due to the 10 of 49 Z voters voting also for A 
or B.

i.e. All or most the voters in a divided majority group would have to vote 
for the major choices of such majority group in order to get a YES majority 
for 1 or more of them.
i.e. Some of the minority group may want to vote YES for the lesser of the 
perceived evils in the majority group.

Again - IF NO majority winner(s) for executive/judicial offices (such as 1 
or more sheriffs or judges), then have the P.R. legislative body fill the 
Ballot Form
Number ONLY the choice(s) that you approve using 1, 2, 3, etc.
CC Choices column, NC Number column
C   2
D   3
G   1

A *NO* vote would be the default vote for each choice.
Tiebreaker would be the YES votes in the N-1 columns.
Again - ANY *advanced* election method reform to get past the plurality 
math morons in the courts and the brain dead media has to be REALLY simple.
Related matter -- ballot order of choices
Perhaps A to Z with odd ballots and Z to A with even ballots --
to NOT have the well known Aaron Aardvark rigged candidate order stuff.
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