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Hi Dick,

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>The fundamental problem with criteria based  on “X over Y” preferences (Condorcet, Mutual 

>Majority, etc.) is that all such criteria ignore the intensity of the preference (a ranking 

>of 5 to1 counts the same as 3 to 2, for example). This is why Borda-type methods are 

>superior – they don’t throw away critical information. Donald Saari explains the 

>mathematics of this well in “Decisions and Elections”.

The trouble is that when a method values intensity of preference, it also generally creates incentive to misrepresent the intensity. This has to be carefully managed. Furthermore plain Borda has a problem with encouraging clone nominations. So, over the last ~16 years, the EM list has not seen many Borda advocates except for those proposing ways to try to fix it.


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