[EM] No equal defeat in many-voter elections. Therefore, no Borda strategy incentive.

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 09:58:42 PST 2014

Under ideal majoritarian condtions, wih many voters, equal defeats would be
rare, as would pairwise-ties. Therefore MAM's dominance-order would very
rarely be needed. Therefore, the specification of Borda for determining the
dominance order wouldn't give any incentive for Borda strategy.

With very few voters there'd be a chance of need for the
dominance-order,and therefore, for a Borda Count. But ideal majoritarian
conditions means no favorite-burial need, and no chicken dilemma. With such
nonstrategic electorate, the possbility of Borda strategy incentive would
be reduced.

Besides,as  said before, since Borda isn't the primary method, and is only
for determining the dominance-order for tiebreaking, there's less danger of
Borda strategy incentive.

Michael Ossipoff
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