[EM] Chain Climbing

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sat Apr 26 21:24:30 PDT 2014

Forest Simmons said:
> You are absolutely right about the heart of the Chicken Dilemma;
> there is no way to tell from the above ballot set alone who the real
> winner should be, because different sincere scenarios lead to the
> same set of ballots. ...
> Where do we go from here?

I suspect that a system (here an electoral decision system) cannot be
both rational (sincere, anomaly free) and decisive at the same time.

I have no formal proof.  But I think we must step outside the decision
system.  It takes a combination of systems - one rational, say, and
one decisive - brought into a mutual relation in order to act (elect)
both rationally and decisively.

Michael Allan

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